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Instead, we poured more than a million dollars cash into ramping up the program. We made every possible upgrade to PowerWhisperer. The result is you will enjoy eleven great upgrades for the “PowerWhisperer M-Type.” All at my expense!
FREE UPGRADE, INCLUDED: All aluminum construction (1/16 inch #5052 aluminum), proudly manufactured in South Carolina for and by Americans. Which makes it significantly lighter and more military durable.
FREE UPGRADE, INCLUDED: Due to its all metal construction and design, the PowerWhisperer is now EMP-resistant. Meaning that it is designed like a “Faraday Cage” to protect its electronic components from an electromagnetic pulse. Caused either by solar flares or the detonation of a nuclear device.
FREE UPGRADE, INCLUDED: Removable transport handles that can be stowed once you reach your destination.
FREE UPGRADE, INCLUDED: The new PowerWhisperer M-Type has large 10-inch wheels for super easy transport.
FREE UPGRADE, INCLUDED: Each unit has a large protected, EMP-resistant storage space. A great place to store other electronic devices when you are on the move.
FREE UPGRADE, INCLUDED: The PowerWhisperer M-Type is upgradable! It can accommodate up to 3 full power cells and six solar panels. It is the only solar generator in America that can be charged by a wind power option.
FREE UPGRADE, INCLUDED: We upgraded the 200 amp breaker from a standard-issue model to a top-of-the-line marine grade unit. You’d probably never notice the difference. But my engineering team reports that the design and reliability of this more expensive unit are superior.
FREE UPGRADE: We came to discover that there is no hardware on the market suitable for securing a 66.5 lb. battery. That’s why the super-advanced AGM design battery is separately housed in a closed, sealed all metal compartment.
Short of King Kong dropping the entire unit from the top of the Empire State Building, this super-heavy-duty battery is not coming loose!
FREE UPGRADE, INCLUDED: Then we upgraded the solar controller from a base-level 4-led light model to a more sophisticated, “user-friendly” set-up. We went with a significantly higher quality Morningstar LCD display controller. One that gives you a full array of info on the battery voltage, charging amps from solar panels, amp hours from solar panels and much more. Functional and very appealing. See User’s Manual for full benefits and details.
FREE UPGRADE: We have also upgraded the car-charging option. This is the cigarette lighter-style connector that plugs in to your vehicle and the other end into your PowerWhisperer. It can charge at up to 5 amps while your vehicle is running. This is a great alternative for overnight charging or for those cloudy days. I like solar power generators, but you need to be able to count on them to keep your food cold. Even when there is no sunlight for an extended period!
You have now come to the most critical part of this letter. Because until I can ramp up an automated production line, each PowerWhisperer is built literally one-at-a-time.
This means I have an extremely limited stock that are ready to go. My shipping manager handed me an updated report this morning.
So if you are among the first to say ‘yes’ today, your PowerWhisperer can ship within the next 72 hours. Order number 80 and above goes on back-order for weeks if not months. This is not my preference. But that’s the reality of building these units one at a time. And we really do use the very best components available. (I prefer to put you on back-order rather than compromise reliability and performance by going with second-tier suppliers.) Thanks for understanding! But order quickly so I can ship from existing inventory. Then this will not be an issue for you.
Is It Gorilla Proof? You’ll Love This One...
Imagine this: I even tested the skills of our shipping and receiving team. I told them to test-ship a prototype PowerWhisperer from South Carolina to Idaho to New Hampshire and back to South Carolina again. A total of 16 days and 6,000 miles of banging, dropping and other punishment meted out by ground shipping! This dry run helped us fine-tune exactly how to package and ship these heavy-duty units. Just so we know that your unit will arrive in excellent condition.
And priced to please, too. Especially when you consider the PowerWhisperer’s great, redundant, electrical system components. All very well thought through. To the point that you never have to worry about getting replacement fuses for the unit. All the key circuits have reset buttons. Something no other system I could find has.
LIMITED TIME DISCOUNTED SHIPPING on These PowerWhisperers, Throw a Net Over One NOW
All orders beyond my initial inventory will go on a waiting list. And though they are normally priced at $3,997, I am taking an additional 25% off to move these units out the door. This drops your price to only $2,997! There would normally be an additional shipping charge of $148.
But I will take 25% off your shipping too if you act in time to get your PowerWhisperer out of my current inventory. (Free shipping available in “Lower-48” only.) Please do hurry and make sure the operator assigns you an order number.
Each PowerWhisperer comes with a whole lot of extra goodies, including:
FREE! – A comprehensive User’s Manual. This manual is practical and engaging, not dry and boring. It’s written in plain English. Not badly mistranslated from Mandarin or Korean! I urge you to read it cover-to-cover the day your unit arrives. You’ll be fully prepped to run the PowerWhisperer as soon as any need arises.
FREE! – Once your PowerWhisperer arrives, you will of course have a great and easy to follow “getting started guide.” As well as a detailed operating manual. But you can also call and make a free appointment to talk with qualified technical support. That is a new service I make available to all PowerWhisperer owners.
FREE! – Total instructions on how to manage the unit’s power usage. That way with practice you can run your freezer or other key household items indefinitely. Something you have to figure out on your own when buying someone else’s solar generator. So this product is great for emergencies and non-emergencies. And saves you big money on your power bills.
FREE! – Smart Meter Conspiracy. This 20-page report is for anyone who has a smart meter installed on their home now. Or is likely to in the near future. Yep, pretty much everyone. Learn how these spy devices and rationing meters are intended to be used against you.
FREE! – Cashing in on Uncle Sam’s Solar Tax Credit Bonanza. It’s rare that Uncle Sam offers hardworking taxpayers a tangible reward. And for actually doing something productive. But in this case the government actually pays you for taking advantage of many energy efficiency options. I say take the money!
FREE! – 17 Practical Uses for Your PowerWhisperer. Anytime I ask you to put your faith and your finances into anything I have to offer, I tell you how to get the most out of it. My report on 17 great uses of your power unit is basically a “cookbook” of how-to ideas for PowerWhisperer owners. I don’t ask anyone to put out good money for something that’s just going to collect dust in the garage. I want you to benefit from having it. That’s why this device comes with a practical library of useful ways to get your maximum value.
FREE! – The Rolling-Blackout Survival Guide. This report covers the most important power back-up options for your home. Because it’s no longer a question of if you’ll be targeted for a rolling blackout. It’s only a matter of when. Denying power to millions of utility customers is a strategy, not an accident. Sure, I totally believe my PowerWhisperer is a powerful combination of practicality and affordability. But I don’t pretend it’s your only option.
FREE! – 10 Ways to Cut Your Power and Heating Bills in Half. Tens of thousands of copies of my report, Cut Your Grocery Bills in Half!, are now in circulation. Now my researchers and I have turned our sites on utility bills. With great ways to save 20%, 40%, even 50% off your home energy bills. And you don’t have to go crazy and become an extreme conserver. Even a half-hearted effort could save you a tidy 25%!
Other great features include:
FREE! – An option to re-charge your PowerWhisperer using your car. And a camouflage net to better conceal your PowerWhisperer from the curious.
FREE! – A handy storage place for your two roll up solar panels inside the unit itself. When you transport the unit, everything you need to operate it is in one place.
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Time is short. I have a limited number of PowerWhisperers in stock right now. All aluminum, American-built. Ready for immediate shipment and use. All built from top-of-the-line hi-tech components. And by the way, we do source American components whenever possible.
I’ve given you the information you need.
Remember, if you opt to build your own PowerWhisperer, be certain to have it assembled and carefully tested by a qualified technician the way I have.
Simply call 1-877-371-1807 and ask for the two free PowerWhisperer reports and the system component list. And if you don’t want to go it on your own against rolling black-outs and power outages, then ask the operator if we still have PowerWhisperers in stock.
Your PowerWhisperer Is Triple-Crown Guaranteed
My goal is not to sell you, but to satisfy you. This has to fit your needs. If you agree with my analysis, you should act. Choice One is to take the free reports I’ve promised to send you. And if you want, the entire parts list of the PowerWhisperer. Going it on your own is doable with the information I provide you. But not so easy.
Or your second choice is to acquire my limited edition PowerWhisperer. And the library of critical information that comes with it. As well as many other benefits.
Which you totally deserve. To me, those seeking greater financial, personal and health independence are the true heroes of the American Story. Those who step up for their families with advance knowledge and prudent precaution.
Blackouts Are Coming...
Can Your Loved Ones Count on You?
We are proud of the PowerWhisperer. No unit leaves my premises without this Triple Crown Guarantee…which states that…
First, I guarantee your PowerWhisperer will arrive in good condition. You can start using it immediately. No assembly required. Its arrival is going to signal a new era of independence and self-reliance in your household.
This rugged and heavyweight piece of equipment (shipping weight, 121.5) is probably unlike any other package you’ve had delivered to your home. You may even wish to have an able-bodied helper on hand to meet the driver and help you move your unit into your garage. (Though once removed from its industrial strength box, it’s easy to move because of the built-in 10-inch wheels and heavy-duty all aluminum, USA construction.)
Second, I guarantee it’s simple to set up and operate. The PowerWhisperer comes no-assembly-required! The battery is charged and ready to go. Simply remove few safety devices installed as a precaution to make the unit safe for shipment. Read the manual in full. And it’s good to go right out of the box. Power it up and let it start paying you back immediately.
Third, I guarantee the PowerWhisperer will do everything outlined in this bulletin provided you follow simple manual instructions. Take 180 (6 months) days to put it to the test. Cycle the battery as many times as you wish according to manual directions. Charge it up, run it down, charge it up again. Because I really want you to use and fully understand your unit. Let’s even say you don’t want the PowerWhisperer simply because you change your mind. There is a very reasonable restocking fee involved in shipping it back.
But you needn’t worry about that because you are going to love having a PowerWhisperer. The exceptional reports, key use information and technical support that I can provide over the phone are first rate. Plus, each PowerWhisperer Mobile Power Supply System comes with complete instructions. You will know how to safely use this device. Please do follow ALL of these instructions. They contain everything you need to safely use this equipment. AND to get the absolute most for your money.
Don’t Wait for Panic to Come Looking for You... See This
This is my Triple Crown Guarantee. I am proud to sign my name to it and stand behind it 100%.
Now is the time to step up for your family. And to make sure your interests are protected. Rolling blackouts and other power grid instability is getting worse.
Remember, when a crisis strikes, all bets are off. People will snatch and hoard these PowerWhisperers the moment blackouts become news. Don’t let yourself get caught flat footed!
You now have everything you need. There’s no more that I can do except to wish you well in whatever choices you make. Thanks for listening and good luck.
Yours for savvy preparedness,
Lee Bellinger
Lee Bellinger, Publisher
Independent Living
P.S. You need to act right away. The National Academy of Sciences has ever so quietly warned that “We could easily be without power across a multi-state region for many weeks or months.” Frankly, I must advise you to buy flashlights and batteries by the case. Plus bulk quantities of any canned foods you enjoy eating cold. Because for any who ignore this warning, those may be the last/best alternatives.
All orders beyond my initial inventory will go on a waiting list. And though they are normally priced at $3,997, I am taking an additional 25% off to move these units out the door. That drops your price to only $2,997! There would normally be an additional shipping charge of $148. But I will cut 25% off your shipping too if you act in time to get your PowerWhisperer out of my current inventory. (Discounted shipping available in “Lower-48” only.) Please do hurry and make sure the operator assigns you an order number.
You need one of my PowerWhisperers in your possession as soon as possible. This is a backup system for power grid outages and failures that you just CAN’T do without. Grab yours now, before my remaining units are gone.
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  • FREE UPGRADE! Removable Transport Handles
  • FREE UPGRADE! EMP-Resistant Storage Space
  • FREE UPGRADE! Car Charging Option
  • FREE! Comprehensive User's Manual
  • FREE! Easy-to-Follow "Getting Started Guide"
  • FREE! Total instructions on how to manage the unit’s power usage
  • FREE! Gift #1: Smart Meter Conspiracy
  • FREE! Gift #2: Cashing in on Uncle Sam's Solar Tax Credit Bonanza
  • FREE! Gift #3: 17 Practical Uses for Your PowerWhisperer
  • FREE! Gift #4: The Rolling-Blackout Survival Guide
  • FREE! Gift #5: 10 Ways to Cut Your Power and Heating Bills in Half
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
100% Guaranteed!
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